Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Graphic Givenchy

 The new ads from Givenchy are pretty stunning! Would like one of these jackets for my birthday please... 2nd of January is all I'm saying...

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Face of 2009.... and 2010?

One of the most sought-after models this year have been Lara Stone. She's been everywhere, on all the big covers and shows. Currently she's starring in an amazing fashion shoot in Dazed and Confused's new "Blood and flesh" issue. She's one of several models that now emerge as "the new model" - a different body type from the models we've seen the last few years, for instance Kate Moss, Gemma Ward and Natasha Poly. The trend has gone from skinny androgynous to a fuller figure. Maybe this will continue in 2010? Stone is at least my new favourite model, with her awkward walking, amazing body and a big gap between her front teeth. 


A few items I'm craving right now from swedish brand Gina Tricot. All mostly black!

Sunday, 20 December 2009


I'll do my hair like this during Christmas! Amazing shoulders as well.

Pictures from

Monday, 16 November 2009

Underwear as outerwear

Lingerie was all over the catwalks for SS/10, and not just on Victoria Secrets. A lot of designers used underwear as outerwear, for instance Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Dolce & Gabbanna and Antonio Berardi. They've all done so very elegantly, by keeping the colours neutral and giving it a soft look, rather than a trashy one. The key is to pair a silk camisole with trousers and long jackets, so that you don't bare too much. Keep the make-up to a minium as to avoid looking more Courtney Love than old Hollywood (There's nothing wrong with looking like Courtney by the way, just make sure you know what signals you are sending out.)

Pictures from top: Stella McCartney, Antonio Berardi. (Style)
But for partying you can go all out. I love the L.A-look that's popped up on a lot of streetstyle-blogs the last year. Black lace, bodys, dark make-up and messy hair, paired with a fake furcoat. That's how I wanna party this winter.
Pictures: Facehunter

Friday, 13 November 2009

Look of the day - winter edition

Way to look cool and stay warm!

Picture from HEL-LOOKS
See more cool people @ HEL-LOOKS

Colourful Gray

So yeah, I thought my hang-up on the 80s were almost over. How long can you walk around in sheer pastels, light pink lips and mashed-up patterns anyway?

Then came Louise Gray's 2010 Spring/Summer collection, and my crush was BACK. It's a bit cold for it now, but come May I'll be sporting this look for sure. The colours look so randomly put together (of course they're not) but it somehow works. Love the styling as well. Suddenly the 80s feels right AGAIN.

Louise Gray SS/2010

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Look of the day

Picture: Marc by Marc Jacobs

I absolutely love this look from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Vibrant colours will get me through the winter. The combination of THAT blue and THAT pink is just pure coolness.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

It's dandy!

Whatever happened to the word "dandy"? No one ever uses it anymore. Well, I'm gonna bring it back as of now. The reason? This amazing photo shoot from the latest Dazed & Confused, of course! Entitled "We can be heroes" it showcases simple elegance, inspired by old Hollywood, and amazing hair cuts. It's dandy. There. I said it. 

Picture from

(Yes, my blog is up and running again, after several months of silence. It's funny how inspiration always hits me while I'm in the middle of uni work...)

Thursday, 6 August 2009

More pics from Milan

The original Prada store.
Galleria Emmanuel Vittore (big shopping center).

Duomo. (I wasn't allowed in, they told me to "cover up your legs!")

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ciao bella, Milan!

Change of scenery: Took the train from Como to Milan today. Now relaxing in the most tacky hotel room I’ve EVER seen! I know Milan is supposed to be the capital of style, but as style points go, Hotel King gets NIL – NADA- NULL. It’s sort of Indian-themed with big Persian carpets and curtains everywhere, painting, wallpapers, big mirrors and dark wooden cupboards, and nothing go together! They could’ve just put an IKEA bed and carpet in here instead, and it would’ve looked nicer. Worst thing is, they probably spent loads of money on this circus. OK, enough of that. It’s comfortable and the room is big, at least.

First impression of Milan is better than expected. Easy to find your way around, pretty quiet and relaxed, and warm: 32 degrees (a bit too warm). Just been checking out the neighbourhood Corso Magenta today, saw the local church St. Ambrogio and had a very nice mozzarella/ham sandwich and then some ice cream. Ah. Now planning sightseeing for tomorrow, will probably head down to the city centre and see the cathedral Duomo and the main train station among other things. If the temperature stays like this, I might have to take a trip outside the city one day to go swimming!

P.S: Oh, and I definitely need to get a scooter. Everyone here has it, and they look so damn cool. Saw a guy speeding past on his scooter whilst smoking cigar, wouldn’t see that anywhere else haha. Oh, and the Milanese are actually friendlier than the other Italians I’ve met, nice surprise.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Italy-appeal

The sun came out today, and I could see the total Italy-appeal. It’s a whole different story in nice weather! Started the day by checking out the swimming pool on top of the hotel. (Managed to get proper sunburnt, ouch…) Then went on a boat trip on lake Como, went past a dozen other small villages. It almost reminded me a bit about home; the lake is quite narrow, so almost like a fjord, with mountains and hills on both sides. The houses look different, of course, and there are a lot of amazing villas on top of the hills. I’m guessing you can only get to those by helicopter or by walking. For the rich and famous, for sure! I think one of the villas we went past is actually George Clooney’s. Didn’t see him, though…

Another thing I noticed today is how they don’t have any international brand stores here, I’ve only seen one McDonalds and that’s it. They only have Italian grocery stores that sell fresh ingredients. It’s the same with the clothing stores; almost just Italian ones. It’s nice when you get to a country and actually notice that you’re in a different country, not like Oslo, which might as well have been Stockholm or any American city. But I imagine Milan will be a bit more international, headed there tomorrow. Excited, and ready for more action!

Monday, 3 August 2009

Come sta, Como?

OK, so I swore that this blog would be about stuff that matters, art, fashion etc. But I wanted to blog a bit while I’m residing in Northern Italy. I’ll try and keep it professional. Don’t worry, I’m not gonna turn all Cory Kennedy on you and publish my whole life story.

So, first time in Italy. Living up to the clich├ęs so far. Rude people, crazy traffic, beautiful lakes, good food, wine, espresso, weird opening times and lots of energy. Only unorthodox thing: The weather. Today it’s been pouring with thunder and lightning. And when I say pouring, I mean POURING. Therefore didn’t get to do much sightseeing, but managed to find my way down to the city centre (it’s quite small), hiding under a Hotel Como umbrella. So much for pretending to be a local. When I came down to the piazza in front of the church Duomo, my hat almost blew off, and it felt like being in a movie. I run into the nearest bar and ordered a coffee. It was obviously the hangout-spot for old Italians. Not much to do in Como when bad weather, I discovered. Hopefully it’s better tomorrow, so I can take a boat trip on the lake and hike up the hillside to look at Verdi’s old villa. Perhaps Versace’s as well. After all, Como is the town where Kennedy romanced Marilyn Monroe, Oceans 12 was filmed and Brangelina were rumoured to get married.

Note: All nationalities are totally living up to the stereotypes. I’ve mentioned the Italians. Last night I sat next to the whiniest German family ever. They complained about everything from the wine to the food, and didn’t even talk to each other. All the while sitting outside at a nice restaurant next to a beautiful lake in Northern Italy… Today: Americans. Two girls sitting next to me at a restaurant, asking all these difficult questions to the waiter, in English of course. (Not that I speak Italian, but at least I don’t expect them to know all the English words either) The waiter had to fetch some rice to show them what it looked like. The girl then exclaimed, “It’s different in America”, and started explaining what it was like there. Like anyone cared. I got a bit embarrassed, and had to look down. But then again, observing other people is the best thing about travelling alone. And I’m sure I live up to the Scandinavian stereotype as well. Tall, silent, arrogant, right?

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Moz is a legend

I saw my big hero Morrissey live in Oslo last night, at Sentrum Scene. For me it was really special, considering I've only seen him once before at a festival. It was amazing to be in the same room as 800 other Smiths- and Morrissey-fans, and hear songs like "Some girls are bigger than others" and "This charming man". The first half of the set Moz was looking a bit tired and it felt like the band didn't put too much effort in. But then, some drama: A guy threw a beer at Morrissey, and they stopped playing. Moz demanded that security would find the guy before they came on stage again, and marched off. We were all starting to worry that the gig might be over. But after a while they came on again, to much applause. The atmosphere was a bit strange, to say the least. But with "How can anybody possibly know how I feel" Morrissey punched back, and the gig got actually much better after the incident. Seemed like it sparked a "fuck all"-attitude in the old Mancunian. Highlight of the evening was "How soon is now?", maybe my nr.1 Smiths favourite. Of course, Johnny Marr's signature is missing and it can never be as good as it was back in the Smiths-era. But just to hear the song live was incredible and really moved me, I even got chills! "Life is a pigsty" proved to be a good surprise, the recorded version is not one of my favourites, but it worked really well live. Again, might have had something to do with Morrissey's mood after the beer throwing. If he didn't like Norway before (because of the whale hunting), he must hate us now! But at the end he came on for a couple extra songs, took off his shirt and seemed pretty content. If you could ever call Morrissey content. Despite the strange episode, the gig proved that Morrissey is a legend. He wouldn't be Morrissey if he didn't walk off that stage. He is after all one of the most original popstars out there. 

Saturday, 20 June 2009

New buy #2

Bought these shoes today, but can't decide if they're too grown-up... I like the details, the zipper, and the heel is right, but they might look a bit old? What do you think?

Proenza Scholer - resort collection

The New York duo behind Proenza Schouler made the perfect summer outfit in their new resort collection; perfectly cut, tailored and chic. Plus, it's something that you can easily wear both day and evening, and the fabrics look comfortable and breathable. If I had some cash, I would definitely opt for these outfits this summer:


(Pictures from Style)

Friday, 19 June 2009

New buy #1

Thought I'd blog a bit about new buys, the first one being this vintage tuxedo jacket. Got it for 365 NOK in a charity shop, which is about 30 pounds. Vintage is rather expensive in Norway (as everything else). I miss going to charity shops in the UK and purchase clothes for three quid... Oh well. I had to have this jacket anyway, the fit was perfect and I love everything that's blue and masculine. Except for Chelsea. 

Marc Jacobs!!

I got my first Marc Jacobs item when my sister came back from Tokyo. This bracelet! Blends totally in with my new 80s look. I adore it. (Yes, I'm a sucker for brands, go on...)

Monday, 15 June 2009

Annie Hall

I watched the old classic Woody Allen film "Annie Hall" yesterday and got really inspired by the outfits Diane Keaton wore. After doing a bit of research (well, I googled it..) I found out that it in fact was her own clothes. Ties, scarfs, high-waisted jeans and shorts with wide legs, hats and shirts make out the cool menswear outfits. There were only a few pictures of them available on the Internet, though. So I suggest you watch the film!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Alert! The Knife opera!

Remember I told you that The Knife was making an opera about Darwin? It wasn't just a dream! First sample is out, listen to it here: Pitchfork 

Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it?! The premiere is on the 2nd of September in Copenhagen, and the opera is called "Tomorrow, in a year."

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Happy up here

This picture from The Sartorialist really puts me in a happy mood! 

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

New star: Alice McColm

Graduate Fashion Week is going on in London at the moment, and a lot of the future design stars start out there. I noticed particularly one designer that stood out; Alice McColm who made a knitwear collection that was part Sandra Backlund, part Rodarte. Cobweb knits in pastels and fake fur with weird detailing. Looks out of this world, but somehow I can see people like Sarah Jessica Parker and Diane Kruger wearing it. 

Preen resort collection

Preen keep on repeating themselves, but I don't care when it looks this good! Sportswear, bandage dresses, relaxed and sexy are key words for their new resort collection. 

 (Pics from

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Marc Jacobs resort 2009

I loved the mix of patterns in Marc Jacobs new resort collection. Especially the Hawaiian prints and stripes. Very summery and a bit French cool. 

(Pics off

Friday, 5 June 2009

Outfit of the day

Denim shirt, 2ndhand
Dress, BikBok
Shoes, Converse
Sunglasses, Nille