Sunday, 21 June 2009

Moz is a legend

I saw my big hero Morrissey live in Oslo last night, at Sentrum Scene. For me it was really special, considering I've only seen him once before at a festival. It was amazing to be in the same room as 800 other Smiths- and Morrissey-fans, and hear songs like "Some girls are bigger than others" and "This charming man". The first half of the set Moz was looking a bit tired and it felt like the band didn't put too much effort in. But then, some drama: A guy threw a beer at Morrissey, and they stopped playing. Moz demanded that security would find the guy before they came on stage again, and marched off. We were all starting to worry that the gig might be over. But after a while they came on again, to much applause. The atmosphere was a bit strange, to say the least. But with "How can anybody possibly know how I feel" Morrissey punched back, and the gig got actually much better after the incident. Seemed like it sparked a "fuck all"-attitude in the old Mancunian. Highlight of the evening was "How soon is now?", maybe my nr.1 Smiths favourite. Of course, Johnny Marr's signature is missing and it can never be as good as it was back in the Smiths-era. But just to hear the song live was incredible and really moved me, I even got chills! "Life is a pigsty" proved to be a good surprise, the recorded version is not one of my favourites, but it worked really well live. Again, might have had something to do with Morrissey's mood after the beer throwing. If he didn't like Norway before (because of the whale hunting), he must hate us now! But at the end he came on for a couple extra songs, took off his shirt and seemed pretty content. If you could ever call Morrissey content. Despite the strange episode, the gig proved that Morrissey is a legend. He wouldn't be Morrissey if he didn't walk off that stage. He is after all one of the most original popstars out there. 


Maren said...

Oh, and he didn't say that much during the evening, but a memorable quote was: "I walked through Oslo today and couldn't find a single Morrissey CD.... Good day."


he is fantastic!