Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mini-dress and -5 degrees.

I've been looking through some photos at The Sartorialist (, and I love how smart and elegant these people look - it looks very effortless, although I'm sure it's not... But maybe it's just a different way of thinking about dressing in Paris and Milan? For them it's all about the aesthetics. Here in Norway you have the horrible cold weather to adjust to, and it's not that easy to look effortless chic when the wind is ruining your hair, your legs are cold and your high heels are struggling with the slippery ice. Most people dress for functionality alone - trainers, woolen jumpers and big coats. It's not very inspiring... 

I've given up on dressing for the weather, really. Most of my dresses are short and thin, my jackets as well. Today I wore a mini-dress with tights and a short fake fur in -5 degrees. Ouch. I've bought some proper boots though, finally, and do have to give in to that functional, warm wollen jumper sometimes. But only when alone!

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

A Damien Hirst exhibition and bad excuses

I'm not even gonna try and explain why this blog has been down for about two months now... Let's just say it's got something to do with me doing a journalism degree. Funnily enough, I'm writing now, two days before my exam! I'll try and keep the blog updated more often - need to keep my English up and running... 

A few weeks ago I went to an art exhibition in Flø, about 40 min from here. It's a small island with just a few people and one art gallery. The owner of the art gallery is a young man, and he's been doing good things there. This time he actually got the English mastermind Damien Hirst to exhibit his works there! I went to see the exhibition and it was really interesting, especially in that context - you look outside and see the waves coming against you and can hear the old school building (which is what the gallery used to be) bending over... There were a couple sculptures, including the famous head skull, and about 20 prints. It's only the second time Hirst's work are being exhibited in Norway, and they came straight from New York, Tokyo and London. Talk about sensation! The gallery owner talked us through the works, and even my grandma got something out of it.

The exhibition is open 'til the 28th of December in Gallery Hugo Opdahl, Flø.