Sunday, 24 August 2008

Let's put on checked shirts and chop some wood

(In case you didn't get it: Checks will be BIG this season!)

Saturday, 9 August 2008

Øyafestivalen 2008

All in all, this year's Øyafestival line-up disappointed a bit. Too much depressive indie (and that's coming from a die hard Smiths fan!) and too little danceable fun. However, it all made sense Friday night when Fleet foxes went on stage - the sun even came out. I've raved about this Seattle band before, and had great expectations before their set y'day. Somehow they managed to fulfill those, and more! The band's still not bigger than that they do their own soundcheck. Looking part grunge, part 70's hippie in their lumberjack beard and checked shirts, their sound is more of the latter than the first. From the opening verse of the first a-cappella song we, the 3000 people who missed N.E.R.D to see the new CSNY, were swept away by the amazing presence and warmth of singer Robin Pecknold and co. Beautiful vocal harmonies backed by eminent guitar playing and songs that carry you into a dreamlike state. The band were very chatty in between songs and clearly touched by the audience's response. Best gig I've seen in a long time! I spotted the guitarist Skye Skjelseth later and expressed my gratitude towards the band - according to him, they might be back in Norway in November. I suggest all who missed out this time keep their ears and eyes open, 'cause the tickets will most likely be sold out as soon as they go on sale!

So Fleet foxes was definitely this year's Øyablikk (=highlight). What else? Well, Sonic Youth, My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and Dirty Pretty Things all delivered respectable sets, and Okkervil River, Diskjokke, Telepathe and Lightspeed Champion were the most talked about "newcomers". Unfortunately the club nights were completely sold out, so I missed my favorites Whitest boy alive.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Oh Versace!

So it turned out the blazer I found in my trusted £3 shop in Manchester is actually an original Versus by Versace!! For 3 quid, I would say that's the best buy I've ever done! It was quite disgusting when I found it, but after a dryclean and removal of the shoulder pads it's looking pretty swish I would say. I've worn it heaps already; I prefer it with my name necklace and cheap sunglasses to extort a Miami Vice coolness....

Friday, 1 August 2008

Lazy summer

I guess I have to say it: The summer and sun is making me lazy - a blog post is highly due. Seeing as I'm at work right now, I might as well do something about it. Melt fest and Berlin was pretty amazing: For me, the highlights were Robyn, Friendly Fires, Whitest Boy Alive and Adam Green. The festival was a bit disorganised, with huge delays, which meant that I missed Kissy Sell Out and Thomas Andersson. Hercules and Love Affair didn't show up, and I had to leave before Hot Chip and Bjork went on. So I was sorta just checking out bands as I went along and chilling with a bratwurst and Jackie Cola inbetween.

A few purchases were made in Berlin: Gladiator sandals from Zara (yes, I know they're so last season, but they're also so comfortable), punk zine and a book about Television (more about them later) and a short grey top from American Apparel. Didn't find that many second hand shops; I feel Berlin is a city where there are exciting things hidden behind every corner, you just gotta know where they're hidden! Will post pics of the Berlin experience later and of my pink blazer which I discovered is original Versus by Giovanni Versace (!!) Stay tuned....