Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Candy shop

Ever since I saw the editorial "Light and fantastic" in the Feb issue of Vogue, I've been obsessed with pastels. Especially bubblegum pink and spearmint. Maybe it's the thought of sweets, but it seems I want everything that's got those colours these days. Now, when the SS08 collections were presented last autumn, I felt a bit sceptical about the whole thing. Pastels? Ruffles? With my blonde hair that would just be too Barbie. But now I've rather warmed towards the idea. After all, it doesn't have to be all Clueless and Versace. Deconstruct the pieces, add some graphic elements and chunky boots, "mess it up" the way Jonathan Saunders and Marc Jacobs (also for Louis Vuitton) have done:

I also like the way Jil Sander used the colours in sheer, transparent fabrics layered over each other:
 Melim Anderson did a bit of the same for Chloé (before he got fired!), and paired the more romantic floaty dresses with geometric heeled shoes. The inspiration from The Memphis Group, which transformed product design in the 1980's, was evident in all of these collections. Described as "A way of life, of transferring into the world of the western home the culture of rock music, travel and a certain excess", this design was again inspired by art deco, kitsch and pop art. So if you get some comment about looking too Barbie, just mumble something about "postmodernism...referencing popular culture in an ironic way....art deco..." and walk away. That's what I'm gonna do.

Anyways, I went to get candy, I mean clothes, today and found 4 things for 16 quid! Not bad! Two of them were in above-mentioned pastels:

Then I finally got a jumpsuit, which, let's face it, is so short it could be mistaken for a swimsuit,
but WTF, I'll find a way to make it work. I've been looking for one for ages, and most of them seem to be too big, so when this fitted me perfectly (well, apart from being dangerously short) I didn't care that it has a Hawaiian floral print on it. Pink is good!

Finally, I picked out a simple white shirt with a nice detail on the back. I'll wear it with mentioned tuxedo, or tucked into a high waisted shirt. Just hope it fits, as it said "petite" on it...

And that's all in a days work! Ahh, I feel exhausted...

(Again, sorry for pictures not being top quality, I'm getting used to this blogging business...)

The daydreams of a nation fulfilled!

It's now been confirmed that Sonic Youth will play at this year's Oyafestival in Oslo, Norway! Apparently the band themselves asked to come back (after playing there in 2005) when they found an opening in their touring schedule. This will be an "ordinary" set though, not the "Daydream nation"-in-full set they've toured with recently. But with Sonic Youth, how can it ever be ordinary?

Since I missed them last time, I will definitely try and secure a pass for this year's festival! Other acts playing the festival from 5th-9th of August include My Bloody Valentine, NERD, Beirut, Holy Fuck,  Sigur Rós and Yeasayer, alongside Norwegian Pitchfork darlings Ida Maria, Silje Nes and diskJokke. 

Thursday, 20 March 2008

Stating the obvious

I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection. We all know that she had nothing to do with the design process (as with all celebrities-turned-designers) and that it's ridiculously overpriced blah blah... But I just have to say that this is the most boring of all "her" collections to date. It basically consists of stuff Kate's worn that's already been copied by Topshop for a few years now.... Skinny jeans, short shorts, bohemian prints, rock tees, sandals and leather belts. 10 plain vests in the same collection? Come on. This is just lazyness, Topshop. But I guess as long as it's got the "Kate Moss for Topshop" tag on it, sales will go smoothly.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I'm all tuxed up

Finding that special item you've been looking for for ages, can really make your day. Especially if it's on sale for a fiver! I've been longing for a pair of tuxedo trousers, and happened to stumble over some on sale in Urban outfitters (of all places!) today. Now I can fulfill my dream of wearing a tuxedo! Since I've been into the androgynous look lately, I'll probably pair it with my white pleated shirt, black schoolboy blazer, red lipstick and slick hair. A different take would be to go for the more sporty look, pairing it with my friend's grandma's wicked turqouise blouse and high heeled burgundy shoes. Either way, it's quite a statement garment and that's exactly what I love about it!! 

(The lighting is kinda crap here, so you don't really see the details... I will improve!)