Thursday, 20 March 2008

Stating the obvious

I'm not gonna spend a lot of time on the new Kate Moss for Topshop collection. We all know that she had nothing to do with the design process (as with all celebrities-turned-designers) and that it's ridiculously overpriced blah blah... But I just have to say that this is the most boring of all "her" collections to date. It basically consists of stuff Kate's worn that's already been copied by Topshop for a few years now.... Skinny jeans, short shorts, bohemian prints, rock tees, sandals and leather belts. 10 plain vests in the same collection? Come on. This is just lazyness, Topshop. But I guess as long as it's got the "Kate Moss for Topshop" tag on it, sales will go smoothly.

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