Wednesday, 19 March 2008

I'm all tuxed up

Finding that special item you've been looking for for ages, can really make your day. Especially if it's on sale for a fiver! I've been longing for a pair of tuxedo trousers, and happened to stumble over some on sale in Urban outfitters (of all places!) today. Now I can fulfill my dream of wearing a tuxedo! Since I've been into the androgynous look lately, I'll probably pair it with my white pleated shirt, black schoolboy blazer, red lipstick and slick hair. A different take would be to go for the more sporty look, pairing it with my friend's grandma's wicked turqouise blouse and high heeled burgundy shoes. Either way, it's quite a statement garment and that's exactly what I love about it!! 

(The lighting is kinda crap here, so you don't really see the details... I will improve!)