Tuesday, 25 March 2008

The daydreams of a nation fulfilled!

It's now been confirmed that Sonic Youth will play at this year's Oyafestival in Oslo, Norway! Apparently the band themselves asked to come back (after playing there in 2005) when they found an opening in their touring schedule. This will be an "ordinary" set though, not the "Daydream nation"-in-full set they've toured with recently. But with Sonic Youth, how can it ever be ordinary?

Since I missed them last time, I will definitely try and secure a pass for this year's festival! Other acts playing the festival from 5th-9th of August include My Bloody Valentine, NERD, Beirut, Holy Fuck,  Sigur Rós and Yeasayer, alongside Norwegian Pitchfork darlings Ida Maria, Silje Nes and diskJokke. 

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