Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Face of 2009.... and 2010?

One of the most sought-after models this year have been Lara Stone. She's been everywhere, on all the big covers and shows. Currently she's starring in an amazing fashion shoot in Dazed and Confused's new "Blood and flesh" issue. She's one of several models that now emerge as "the new model" - a different body type from the models we've seen the last few years, for instance Kate Moss, Gemma Ward and Natasha Poly. The trend has gone from skinny androgynous to a fuller figure. Maybe this will continue in 2010? Stone is at least my new favourite model, with her awkward walking, amazing body and a big gap between her front teeth. 

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chi_in_a_jar said...

I love her imperfections. And I love that her body type is vastly different- it's what we need. :)