Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Ciao bella, Milan!

Change of scenery: Took the train from Como to Milan today. Now relaxing in the most tacky hotel room I’ve EVER seen! I know Milan is supposed to be the capital of style, but as style points go, Hotel King gets NIL – NADA- NULL. It’s sort of Indian-themed with big Persian carpets and curtains everywhere, painting, wallpapers, big mirrors and dark wooden cupboards, and nothing go together! They could’ve just put an IKEA bed and carpet in here instead, and it would’ve looked nicer. Worst thing is, they probably spent loads of money on this circus. OK, enough of that. It’s comfortable and the room is big, at least.

First impression of Milan is better than expected. Easy to find your way around, pretty quiet and relaxed, and warm: 32 degrees (a bit too warm). Just been checking out the neighbourhood Corso Magenta today, saw the local church St. Ambrogio and had a very nice mozzarella/ham sandwich and then some ice cream. Ah. Now planning sightseeing for tomorrow, will probably head down to the city centre and see the cathedral Duomo and the main train station among other things. If the temperature stays like this, I might have to take a trip outside the city one day to go swimming!

P.S: Oh, and I definitely need to get a scooter. Everyone here has it, and they look so damn cool. Saw a guy speeding past on his scooter whilst smoking cigar, wouldn’t see that anywhere else haha. Oh, and the Milanese are actually friendlier than the other Italians I’ve met, nice surprise.


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