Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Kings of indie

I've recently discovered a new Norwegian band called I Was a King. Well, not exactly new, seeing as they released an EP beginning of 2007 to rave reviews in the UK press, but new to me. Haven't heard their full new album yet, but it's already crowned best album of 2009 in the Norwegian press.... The song "Norman Blaik" is filled with references to Teenage fanclub, very melodious and reminds me a bit of Lemonheads. No wonder it consists of one part Harrys gym frontwoman Anne Lise Frøkedal and Serena Maneesh's Emil Nicolaisen. It's also recorded in good old Sufjan Stevens studio in New York. Thank God for a decent Norwegian indie band - there's not many around... 



Anonymous said...

Håddu, det e visst liv i dinnja bloggen din! Ej sjekka ut i was a king no, høres kult ut gitt!

Anonymous said...

ditta va ho Eline BTW