Friday, 13 June 2008

Seattle surprise: Fleet foxes

I was watching a documentary on Norwegian television the other day about the new wave of music in Seattle. It's nothing like grunge, except in the name: Grange (?) I fell in love with the music of Fleet Foxes (, who are now out with their debut album and currently touring the UK. Like their fellow Seattle inhabitants Band of Horses, they posess an incredible skill of mixing whatever they have in their record collection with their parents' old records and coming up with a sound of their own. The rural landscape of Seattle is apparent in their music, as is their love for CSNY, folk music and Fleetwood Mac. I've only heard a few songs so far; beautiful vocal harmonies, gentle guitars and fairytale lyrics show a band on the way to much bigger cities than Seattle (gigs in LND and NY are already sold out!) So I suggest you order their album right now (also out on vinyl) and book a ticket to one of their shows before they sell out quicker than you can say "Arcade fire."

They're playing the UK 'til the 18th of June (Roadhouse in Manchester on the 17th), then touring America before it's back to Europe to play festivals. I'll see them the 8th of August when they play Øyafestivalen!


Line L Oddekalv said...

Joho, Maren! Andrea tipsa mej om dinne fabelaktige bloggen din, og no he ej vore sta å kjøpt mej Fleet Foxes i rein inspirasjon. Strålande! Keep it up.

Klem fra Linus :)

Maren said...

Hehe, takk! Jepp, Fleet foxes e bra greier:) x