Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Resort wear

The new resort collections have started popping up at These collections tend to bore me, seeing as they consist of "easy to wear" items. There's nothing wrong with simple, uncomplicated clothes that are comfortable and easy to pack, as resort items should be. But, in my opinion, these clothes don't represent the current trends, time and climate in the same sense that RTW and Haute cutoure do. There's no statements. No showpieces. They're sort of the designer's vision paired down to practical outfits. I guess this fits with Wikipedia's definition:

"Resort wear is a specialized clothing style, as well as a year-round fashion "season". Sometimes known as "cruise wear", it was not long ago resort collections were worn only by "jet set" celebrities who would purchase such garments while on vacation in warm-weather climates. Today, these garments are a growing part of many wardrobes. (...) From walking shorts, caftans and sandals, to full-length evening dresses for women and light dinner jackets for men, resort wear is unique in its design and function. It is generally made from cotton, silk, denim, microfiber, straw and poplin that are easy to pack, lightweight and breathable. They are easy to clean and look great without ironing or fuss."

However, even though resort focuses on functionality and comfort more than fashion, you can still spot current trends in the collections, but a bit paired down (as I mentioned). My favourites so far are Phi and Jonathan Saunders, because they do just that. Phi, designed by Andreas Melbostad, have gone for the "peekabo" trend, by mixing sheer fabrics and lace, as seen in Marc Jacobs spring collection. Melbostad's also designed a dress that looks a bit like the Acne skirt Susie Bubble was raving about. So this is quite an edgy and strong collection on the resort scale!

Jonathan Saunders have made his prints a bit easier to wear, and mixed in some office wear in his collection as well. You can easily see the links to his ready-to-wear collection.

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Too bad I live in Norway, where resort clothes couldn't get you from your house to the shop. It's too frigging cold!

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