Friday, 27 June 2008

Kate Moss and Kurt Weill

My lack of posts is due to my venture back to Manchester this week. I've been here since Tuesday, packing up my stuff, eating well and hanging out. Not much shopping really, but I did find a smashing pink 2ndhand blazer today which is very 80's. Also bought a navy skirt with pockets at American Apparel in L'pool yesterday. The floral crazyness in the shops doesn't really excite me that much... I always look forward to wearing summer clothes, but feel I'm less creative this time of year. It's so nice and easy just to put on a pair of shorts, sandals and a simple top! Read in Grazia today that the fringe is out, and something called "frown" is in (sort of a longer fringe which bends to one side..) Why? KATE MOSS.

Over to something completely different: I went to the Royal Northern College of Music Big Band & Colin Towns concert Wednesday night and it was fantastic! Colin Towns' reworkings of Kurt Weill's music was different, interesting and extremely impressive, and the RNCM big band didn't disappoint. Will order one of his CD's first thing when I get home! Check out his music here:

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