Sunday, 24 May 2009

Modernaire in Oslo!

For those of you based in Oslo, I'd like to recommend a gig on the 29th of May at Garage in Oslo. A Manchester-based band called Modernaire is playing. They started out way before La Roux, but has the same cold electro sound with a girl singing. They're a three piece, and one of them DJs at the infamous Sex with robots nights in Manchester. I think it's their first time playing Norway, so you should definitely check them out. Their songs "Scalpel" and "Bloodshed in the woodshed" will be hits as soon as they get them released, I'm sure. So go down, and in a few months you'll be the trendiest kid on the block when you're able to say "Oh, Modernaire? Yeah, I saw them way back before they even released an album..."


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