Friday, 11 July 2008

Art Nouveau - cut copy edition

The love for art and rock'n'roll shouldn't be underestimated.

Picture 1: 2nd hand shirt and bag, top from Cubus and skirt H&M. (Background: Warehouse Project flyer,
Pic 2: 2nd hand shoes and belt, dress inherited from grandma. (Background: "A basket of roses", Henri Fantin-Latour)
Pic 3&4: Sunglasses from Urban Outfitters, shoes from Nilsson, Levis jeans and jacket inherited from grandma. (Background: Happy Mondays album cover)
Pic 5: 2nd hand sunglasses and dress inherited from grandma. (Background: The Guardian
Weekend 28.06.2008)

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Kira Fashion said...

your photos are fantastic!!

a kiss!!