Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Superboring superheroes...

When I heard the theme of this year's Costume Institute gala (Superheroes!), my mind wandered: Strong Wonder women, nerdy Clark Kent's, Batman masks etc etc. A costume gala with this theme was almost too good to be true! But looking at the pictures now, the turnout proved to be very boring: A typical polished NY ball event, with tiny tanned women in Armani, Michael Kors and Vera Wang, accompanied by old rich men in suits. Anyone can look good in a LBD, why not try something a bit more interesting for once?!

Well some did try at least, but with various results. A few managed to incorporate superhero details into a modern outfit in a subtle way, like Kate Bosworth, Christina Ricci and supermodels Caroline Trentini and Raquel Zimmerman. Others looked...cartoonish, but fun! (Hamish Bowles, Zac Posen) What I don't understand is why no one opted for the Luella Batman look SS08? I mean, it's perfect! I'd happily go in that batman suit!!

On a different note, there were some beauuuuutiful couples... Now I just can't decide if I wanna be Karen Elson or Diane Kr├╝ger:

The Gossip girl cast has been called the most beautiful tv-cast ever, I can't say I disagree when looking at these pictures! ("Chuck" looks pretty good, surprisingly...)

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