Friday, 9 May 2008

Cheesy electronica up north

Because my Ipod needs charging and I haven't got a cable, my life has been pretty quiet lately. So today I've just been listening to all kinds of blogs and myspace. I'm digging this new remix by Get shakes of Norwegian iceprincess Annie's new song, "I know your girlfriend hates me." Check it out here:

Also I've fallen in love with the music of diskJokke - his new album "Staying in" has gotten excellent reviews, for instance over at Pitchfork, and he just recently put some new songs up on his myspace. Including a remix of The National Bank's "Home".

diskJokke has also remixed another favourite of mine; Ost&Kjex! Hailing from Oslo, "the city of cheese" (Ost&Kjex meaning cheese and biscuits), they make funny electronica with amazing beats! Listen to the hilarious impression of "Drop it like it's hot" in their song "Milano model":

Hmm, I just now realized that all of these tracks are Norwegian. It's cool to see that there's a range of good electronica here right now!!

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