Thursday, 3 April 2008

Elegance; a forgotten word I finally got hold of a copy of Acne paper (yes, I know it's a bit late), the bi-annual magazine published by Swedish brand Acne, and I absolutely loved all of it! The layout, the paper, the writing, the fashion shoots...and the theme: Elegance. I'm pretty impressed by the interviews they bagged: Manolo Blahnik. Alber Elbaz. Jarvis Cocker. Paulo Melim Anderson. All of these had interesting and different definitions of elegance, and this made me think about what the word is all about. For me, it's about someone who doesn't compromise when it comes to style. It's someone or something that's dignified and confident, but not loud - he or she doesn't have to scream to be noticed in a room. It's about balance and calm, and as much about your attitude to life as your clothes.  Names that popped into my head were timeless icons like Audrey Hepburn, but also contemporaries like Diane Kruger and Cate Blanchett. For me, elegance is in a way also about doing things properly, not half-way. (There can be something very elegant in using correct spelling and punctuation in text messages!) When it comes to fashion, I think tailoring and simplicity is very elegant, and this is obvious in the design aesthetics of YSL and Balenciaga, for instance. I can conclude with that elegance is all that I'm not; it's something unattainable and mysterious for me, and I guess that's just what makes it so interesting and attractive! 

"I think that if you are dignified you will get elegance for free. That's the only way you can get it. (...) It's an instinct, and that's why it's so desirable, because it's a very rare instinct. (...) Elegance is hybrid. It's an orchid that looks different every time. An undefined nimbus. It's like the stars. You dream of them, but you will never get there." (Paulo Melim Anderson)

"Elegance is only in the attitude. (...) It's not about getting, getting, getting. It's about giving. That's what elegant clothes are all about. Elegant people are also about giving. I don't think of elegant people when I think of selfish people." (Alber Elbaz)


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