Monday, 8 September 2008

Chuck Bass I hardly knew you

The new Gossip girl season has begun, and man does it kick ass!! I've just seen the 1st episode and the 2nd one is out tonight. Epic comments and outfits gives hope that this season is even better than the first one! Not surprisingly it's CHUCK BASS who steals the show... who gives a crap about Serena?

Some legendary one-liners:
Blair: "Damn that motherchucker!"

Eric: "He's got the PA on speed dial???" (about Chuck)

Watch it here:


Thierry said...

I thought he already stole the show in the first season. :) And the Serena / Dan story arc got even more boring (although him making out with several different girls within a couple of minutes was suprising).
Overall though last week's episode seemed a bit like the writers have run out of ideas... Jenny's a nice girl, Chuck pines the whole summer for Blair and when he finally gets the chance of a lifetime he's not man enough to admit he loves her, Nate is even worse of a cliché than last season (jumping out of a window, seriously? that joke is so old and overused), Vanessa didn't even appear in the season opener, and somehow Eric's homosexuality seems to be completely forgotten about...
It was fun to watch, but if they wanna keep viewers glued to the tv and keep up the ratings, they'll have to deliver more than what they did last week. Then again, those "end of summer" episodes have always been a bit boring, whatever the series.

Maren said...

Hmm yeah I partially agree with you. There are a few boring storylines with Jenny, Nate etc. But I just saw the 2nd episode and I think the Chuck/Blair story will keep viewers glued to the tv for a while. At least me lol! And yeah, end of summer episodes are usually just one big catch up. Episode 2 had a bit of that as well, so I'm counting on the next episode to speed things up!